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Total Body Weight Formulas

Total Body Water (TBW) is the total amount of water present in the body in the form of body fluids, tissues and organs. Your body requires a fresh supply of water daily. Not only is water one of the most abundant nutrients available, but it’s also the most important.Observations of sweat rates in various sports have shown significant variation in mean sweat rates (from 0.29 to 2.37 L/h).

Total Body Weight Formulas

TBW-W (for Male) = 2.447 – (0.09156 x A) + (0.1074 x ht) + (0.3362 x wt) litres

TBW-W (for Female) = -2.097 + (0.1069 x ht) + (0.2466 x wt) litres