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Significant Figures or Digits

The number of digits that are meaningful: they have an accuracy matching our measurements, or are simply all we need.

A significant figure is a figure or a digit that contributes to how accurately something can be measured. For example, a standard meter stick with centimeters as the smallest division can be used to accurately measure to a tenth of the smallest unit, which is a millimeter.

There are certain rules which need to be followed to measure the significant figures of a calculated measurement.

Listed below are the basics of the law:

  • All non zero digits are significant
  • Zeroes between non zero digits are significant
  • A trailing zero or final zero in the decimal portion only are significant.

Significant Figures Examples

The numbers in boldface are the significant figures.

  • 5408 – 4 significant figures
  • 50.06 – 4 significant figures
  • 580,000 – 2 significant figures
  • 5.00 – 3 significant figures