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Any digit that adds to the value of a number is referred to as a significant figure. Whole numbers, such as 11 or 21, have a fixed value that cannot be expanded. However, there are indeterminate numbers that have no end, such as the value of Pi.

How to Use the Sig Fig Calculator

The significant figures calculator performs calculations in two modes. The sig fig calculator is useful for performing traditional mathematical calculations such as multiplication and division of numbers, or it can be used to round numbers to the desired significant figure specified by the operator.

Remember that all handheld calculators have a limited digital face on which to display significant numbers and are forced to round at the limits of the space that digital numbers can occupy. As a result, most hand-held significant figures calculators will round to 13 to 17 significant digits if the calculations require that many digit places to be accurate.

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Significant Figures or Digits

Sig Fig are the number of digits used to express a measured or calculated quantity is referred to as significant figures. Simply put, you can demonstrate the precision of a number using the ease of sig figs. According to experts, a number’s significant figures are the digits that can be expressed with some degree of certainty.

To find more precise values, the field of mathematics developed rules for determining what constitutes a significant figure. .

Listed below are the basics of the law:

  • All non zero digits are significant
  • Zeroes between non zero digits are significant
  • A trailing zero or final zero in the decimal portion only are significant.

Sig Fig Calculator operators

  • Addition ( + ), division ( / or ÷ ), subtraction ( – ), multiplication ( * or × ) and exponent ( ^ )
  • Grouping symbols: parentheses ( )
  • Functions: log n, ln n

Significant Figures Examples

The numbers in boldface are the significant figures.

  • 5 – 1 significant figures (5)
  • 600 – 1 significant figures (6)
  • 5408 – 4 significant figures (5, 4, 0 and 8)
  • 0.0624 – 3 significant figures (6, 2 and 4)
  • 50.06 – 4 significant figures (5, 0, 0 and 6)
  • 580,000 – 2 significant figures (5 and 8)
  • 5.00 – 3 significant figures (5, 0 and 0)

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