Velocity & Speed Converter

Movement speed requires good strength and power, but also too much body weight and air resistance can act to slow the person down.

What is velocity? – velocity definition

Velocity is the rate at which an object changes position in a certain direction. It is calculated by the displacement of space per a unit of time in a certain direction. Velocity deals with direction, while speed does not.

If you want to put this rule down in the form of a mathematical formula, the velocity equation will be as follows:

velocity = distance / time

What’s the difference between speed and velocity?

Speed is a scalar quantity: it is the magnitude of the velocity. Speed is measured in units of distance divided by time (miles per hour, meters per second, etc.).

Velocity is a vector quantity: when giving the velocity we must specify the magnitude (the speed) and the direction of travel. For example you might drive 50km/hr  in a northerly direction.